Free shipping ICEPOWER power amplifier board ICE125ASX2 Digital have a fever stage module

Free Shipping ICEPOWER Power Amplifier Board ICE125ASX2 Digital Power Amplifier Board Have A Fever Stage Power
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ICEPOWER power amplifier digital power amplifier module type ICE125ASX2
Professional power amplifier loudspeaker fittings
The product key performance - with power - - the two channel stereo
2 X 125W 4 THD+N SE 1%
1 X 450W 4 THD+N BTL 1%
[function] over current protection, over temperature protection (with a temperature switch), efficiency is more than 90%, the oscillation frequency of 100KHz, the ripple is less than 1%.
No feedback, 5-10 times the instantaneous output current can reach the normal current, is very suitable for high power amplifier.
The design of the switching frequency is 100KHz, far more than the audio signal frequency, minimizing the digital sound between the modulation distortion and the so-called, is more conducive to the sound distortion reduction.
- as an audio power amplifier ideal, without considering the gain of the power amplifier of the sine wave signal of certain frequency, the input, the output is no distortion (no deformation wave), sine wave signal without noise. (for details, please read the product parameters)
The key performance parameters of ICEpower125ASX2
Rated power of 1% THD+N, SE mode, 4 1kHz, 2 x and 125 W
Rated power of 1% THD+N, BTL, mode, W 4, 1kHz 450
The maximum power of THD+N, BTL 10%, mode 4, 1kHz 550, W
The rated power of THD+N, SE 1%, mode 8, 1kHz 2, X 65 W
Rated power of 1% THD+N, BTL, mode, W 8, 1kHz 250
The maximum power of THD+N, BTL 10%, mode 8, 1kHz 300, W
Bandwidth of 8, -3dB point, SE mode 120 kHz
Frequency response, 20Hz-20kHz, 2 -8 load range + / - 0.5 dB
Damping factor 8, 100Hz >500
The total harmonic distortion of THD+N 1kHz, 1W 0.003%
The dynamic range of signal to noise ratio, SE mode 117 dB
The dynamic range of signal to noise ratio, BTL mode 121 dB
Size 16 x 8 x 3.5 cm
Look at 125ASX2\'s main indicators and features. The output power of 120WX2 (1%, THD+N, 20Hz, 20kHz, 4, SE), 450W (1%, THD+N, 20Hz, 20kHz, 4, BTL); dynamic 117dBA; THD+N 0.002% (1W, 8, 1kHz, SE); 1.5Hz-90kHz bandwidth; transient intermodulation distortion intermodulation distortion in 0.0009%; 0.007%; damping coefficient >500; the maximum output current of 30A, allowing the 100ms to 500ms, to meet the high power output of the power of music; and the power amplifier with over temperature protection, over current protection; allow the continuous output power of 65W (environment temperature is 25 DEG C), to allow the maximum power output of 80s (400W output). NB said, the light from the indicators, so that the majority of the amplifier to shame.