New 35mm Titanium 6al 4v Round Bar Grade 5 Rod Stock Resistance to Corrosion Elastic Modulus TC4 110GPa

New 35mm Titanium 6al 4v Round Bar Grade 5 Rod Stock Resistance To Corrosion Resistance Elastic
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TC4 material is composed of Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, belonging to (a + b) type titanium alloy,
has good mechanical mechanical properties. Great specific strength. TC4 strength sb = 1.012MPa,
density g = 4.4 * 103, strength sb / g = 23.5, and alloy steel specific strength sb / g less than 18.
Titanium alloy with low thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity of titanium was 1/5 of iron,
1/10 of aluminum, the thermal conductivity of aluminum TC4 of l = 7.955W / m ยท K.
Relatively low elastic modulus of the titanium alloy. Elastic Modulus TC4 of E = 110GPa,
about 1/2 of steel, it is prone to deformation when machining titanium alloys.
High strength, corrosion-resistant properties, heat resistance, etc.
Titanium completely harmless to humans, has stable chemical properties, good high temperature, low temperature, strong anti-acid, and high strength, low density characteristics.
Mostly used in the medical and aerospace industries.
Material: TC4
Length: 10cm / 1.38"
Diameter: 35mm / 3.94"
Package included:
1x 35mm Titanium 6al-4v round bar